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Tethys Shape Model
September 2013

The shape model of Tethys derived by Robert Gaskell from Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem narrow and wide angle camera (ISSNA and ISSWA) images. The model is provided in the implicitly connected quadrilateral (ICQ) format. This version of the model was prepared on July 25, 2012.


Gaskell Tethys shape Model PDS SBN data archive. September 2013


Gaskell Tethys Shape Model V1.0

Reference Citation: Gaskell, R.~W.\ 2013.\ Gaskell Tethys Shape Model V1.0.\ NASA Planetary Data System CO-SA-ISSNA-5-TETHYSSHAPE-V1.0.


PDS Gaskell Tethys Shape Model V1.0 NASA Planetary Data System, id. CO-SA-ISSNA-5-TETHYSSHAPE-V1.0Paragraph